Bushtaxi is a collective of creative professionals focused on sharing the story of the developing world. The group includes writers, researchers, photographers, filmmakers, translators, editors and designers experienced in meeting the communication needs of NGOs and development agencies worldwide.

PHOTO: Image of the Week

A new feature on bushtaxi.org, which can also be followed via our twitter, tumblr and facebook pages. Every week we will be featuring a new image we want to share with you. December 25: Earlier this year, on assignment in Israel/Palestine along the wall just down the road from Bethlehem. Photo by Christopher Herwig/Olivier Malvoisin. December 18, 2012: Balloons flying over the temples in Bagan, Myanmar at sunrise . December 10, 2012:  Fishermen showing off on Inle Lake, Myanmar. By:Christopher Herwig November 30, 2012: Yangoon, Myanmar.  The massive Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the oldest Pagodas in the world with more than 2,600 years in existence. Photo by Christopher Herwig November 22, … More »

NEWS: Introducing New Member, Paolo Patruno

I am an Italian photographer/videomaker focused on humanitarian issues and social-documentary, working with NGOs, Aid Organizations and social enterprises worldwide; I’m based in Italy. I’m interested in documenting global topics, including health care, education, human rights, sustainable development, poverty. As a social photographer I do believe images represents a powerful tool to build a stronger communication; producing visual storytelling, multimedia documentary video you can better involve the viewer. I’m currently working on my personal long term project which aims to document the Maternity crisis in Africa, and in developing countries as well.

Finding Kik Usernames And Its Positive Features

Kik is one of the more recent, popular and trendy application for smartphones, used for instant communication with friends and close ones. If you use other social platforms such as Instagram, you will notice that many of the users there are listing their Kik usernames in their biographies. It is an extremely popular new trend that is becoming more and more visible everywhere on the , … More »

STATUS UPDATE: Christopher Herwig

I will be based in South East Asia for the rest of 2012 after an already productive and eventful year so far. I teamed up with fellow bushtaxi member Olivier Malvoisin to work on a documentary on political cartoonist due to air in Europe on Arte in November. Together we travelled to Israel, Germany, Tunis and the US.  In July my short film on a pack-rafting journey across Iceland won the Grand Prize at the Nomading Film Festival. I also had a large collection of images from Central Asia exhibited in Qatar as part of a Central Asia Festival. In May I had the pleasure to get back to West … More »

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