About Us

Who we are: A collective of creative professionals – writers, photographers, filmmakers, designers, editors, translators, researchers – sharing the story of the developing world. Equipped with cameras, sound kits, pens, software, notebooks, knowledge and experience.

What we have: A vehicle for raising awareness, inspiring understanding and communicating global initiatives. A vehicle for telling stories, for producing dynamic campaigns and memorable words, images, film and design. A vehicle for change.

Where we’re going: We’re building on years of experience, highlighting development initiatives that work. We’re sharing cups of coffee with farmers in Ethiopia, we’re talking about twitter with entrepreneurs in Liberia, we’re taking the time to understand issues facing nurses in Indonesia. On behalf of NGOs, UN agencies and media, we’re pooling our creative resources and producing new communications in a developing world.

A voice. A vision. A vehicle. Bushtaxi.org.